SINCE 1986...

After completing his career as an international athlete, Miguel A. Lindoso began his career as a physical trainer and Osteopath in professional services Tennis (SPT), serving as responsible for these two departments until 1990.

It is then set on the island of Fuerteventura and make Sports Centre 

Physiological Recovery in the Hotel Palace Tres Islas Corralejo-Fuerteventura.


After 17 years of activity, in 2007, he decided to build the Centre for Health and Sports, "CSD" in La Oliva -Fuerteventura -Canary Islands. Along with M. Angeles Grijota, osteopath with 20 years experience, he manages to create a highly qualified professional team.


The experience gained in the CSD, with more than 80,000 treatments performed, it reaffirms the principles of Osteopathy: all body systems are interrelated, therefore, a system disfunction can affect the operation of other systems. Treatment as a whole is the result of a comprehensive functional assessment, musculoskeletal, visceral and emotional state system, which connects all of its structure.


In 2015, Miguel A. Lindoso, continues to innovate. His experience in osteopathy, biomechanics, injury recovery and 40 years of association with the sport lead him to create a system of revolutionary work worldwide,

"Drysurf Training System", which could not miss MEDICAL BALANCE, our model adapted medicinally to medical rehabilitation of various pathologies, requiring neuronal stimulation, proprioception, or psychomotor dysfunction.

We have what you need
Drysurf Therapeutic System

Drysurf Medical Balance

Therapeutic line for clinics

Method of Propioceptive and Therapeutic Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation after meniscus surgery REAL CASE to a Surfer

Method of Propioceptive and Therapeutic Rehabilitation

REAL CASE of Reeducation to a knee dislocated soccer player.

Medical Balance - line therapy for Drysurf clinics

Base model with parallel, methodology to recover certain injuries and diseases, labeling and adapted to corporate employers in the sector.


We take care of your health! We extend your sporting life!

Work your daily routines of the sport that you realize acquiring or maintaining your proprioception and do functional training without damaging your joints.

Fully tested and documented