Technical and functional characteristics

Due to its characteristics,

The Balance system has a broad scope, covering all sectors related to sport and physical preparation, because with this multifunctional tool, it works more than 600 muscles at once, which accompanied with a functional system, by professionals, it becomes a working tool of the most complete on the market.


One of the characteristics of our Functional Balance is that it is designed for maximum performance, to obtain instability is based on a helical system. Unlike other similar devices that exist in the market, based on a system of pneumatic balloons, the helical system is much more efficient in terms of speed of response and feeling of instability, durability of the raw material and also has no maintenance.

Another very important feature is the platform where we perform the exercises, for its broad base that allows us to perform all the exercises that are performed on the ground, but with the instability of the balance and also makes us work on the plane, so that suffer other muscles as with other proprioception devices.

Its range of mobility in the four axes allows us a few degrees of inclination both in lateral movement, and in movement back and forth, which means that we can execute many more exercises allowing us to go completely to the tip and perform exercises that could not be done. without this degree of inclination, thus obtaining greater effectiveness and adaptation to different sports for their response, other similar devices existing in the market can not perform these movements so they are limited, unlike us.


All sports

Allows us to execute functional training for all kinds of sports, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Surfing. Paddle, Snow, Sky, Skateboard ... and adapt to the Fitness or activities such as Yoga and Pilates with the advantages of Functional Balance Board:


Neuronal stimulation, because our brain corrects and memorizes every movement and automatically mechanizing the exercise practiced in every sport.


Proprioception, the most important in any kind of training, it is the form of communication in our nervous system to send the instruction we must be receiving as ligaments  so we can help us protecting our joints and therefore have less injuries.

Postural hygiene, In each exercise we take care that only the muscles that we need to work without damaging other muscles or what concerns us the joints are worked on.

In the Surfing

Surf In the sector, it is essential for all initiation to the sport, especially for Take Off (stand to catch the wave).

With Functional Balance Board we can practice take off between 40 and 60 times an hour, this being the best way to prepare, to be able to practice as many times as you like, because in the water, to get between 40 and 60 take off, we would need at least one week.

We take care of your health! We extend your sporting life!

Work your daily routines of the sport that you realize acquiring or maintaining your proprioception and do functional training without damaging your joints.

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