New, fun and sustainable over time

DRYSURF just launched the Functional Balance Board,  a cool, innovative, different and with a fully tested training system that provides the athlete a physical preparation at all levels (professional or amateur) fresh product.


Adaptable to any sport and public (from children to the elderly), based on preventive medicine and postural hygiene of any exercise in the Functional Balance Board (which can be any exercise in soil with the benefits of instability Balance ).


 Drysurf is in a period of expansion and offers open Drysurf centres with a minimum investment, if you like our project and want to bet on it, we support you with our know-how.


Do you want to bet with us?


  • Transmitting unique sensations, funfilled learning  which makes the client want to repeat, also for the short and long term as considerable physical evolution is noticeable. 

  • Our Functional Balance Board unlike others, increases range of motion in the 4 axes (bow, stern, port and starboard) and therefore increases the sensations and the number of exercises to be executed.

  • Unlimited, as exercises that  will be performed are  all usual floor exercises with increased performance in Balance

  • Versatile, you can make jumps, pushes, pulls, launches, receptions, stretching, sit-ups, tires, rims balls, paddles ...

  • Multi-functional, usable for a number of physical activities

  • Adaptable to the characteristics and time course of each client, from children to adults

  • Aesthetics, it has a design that motivates and makes the user wonder its possibilities

  • Easy and minimal maintenance , the characteristics of the product

  • Eco-friendly, made with natural materials without any risk or environmental footprint and does not consume electricity.

  • Low cost, compared to the obtained performance, wins hands down over the quality of manufacturing materials and product warranty

  • Without competition, because with our Functional Balance you can perform the exercises performed with other devices, BUT the competition cannot perform like our Functional Balance for its breadth of platform and its system instability, giving a very different response to existing pneumatic systems in the market

  • Favours the adaptation of sports in extreme conditions

  • It improves overall health and can be adaptable to many situations of balance

  • Prevents injuries with good posture by strengthening all the muscles

  • Neuronal stimulation, because our brain corrects and memorizes every movement and automatically machining the exercise practiced in every sport.

  • Proprioception, it is the most important feature of our training method for optimal concentration and taking control of your body.

Do you want to open a franchise or DRYSURF TRAINING CENTRE?

We support you, you use our image, we give continuous training of your monitors and all our KNOW-HOW

You want different results? do different things

Minimum investment - Maximum return

What we offer? What you support?

We offer you to start a business walking hand in hand with us, with a NEW PRODUCT, effective, fun and sustainable over time that has no equal on the market, covering many sectors and sports in a single device.

It has an excellent success rate by the market survey made and the feedback received from our project.


Drysurf offers you:


To open a  Drysurf Training System Franchise with a franchise fee and a small monthly royalty that will provide you with the following:


• To be always updated at your  Drysurf Centres receiving all advertising campaigns and image


• Continuous TechicalSupport given to the Centre monitors.


Exclusive discounts in all subsequent courses and any product of Drysurf.


Another option is that we have limited places for the first customers who want to open a Drysurf centre in a major city, is to have the opportunity to open a SPD (Start Point Drysurf), which has no entry fee or monthly royalty unlike franchises, as it will be an official  Drysurf centre in which training classes and presentation of the product in a ShowRoom type would be held.

and as well as  having all the features of any franchise, the advantages of:


Training courses will be taught in their Drysurf Centres


Show-Room presentation will be made by Drysurf.


• They have no entry fee or royalty


Endorsed and Founded by CSD Miguel A. Lindoso



Launch of a pioneering new training system worldwide is born in the health centre and sports CSD Miguel A.Lindoso, we have created, developed and tested, in detail, with 150% enthusiasm and affection:


Drysurf Training System a specific, professional and fun training system.


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